aaron-keogh asked:

I'm fascinated by androgyny. Known of you on the internet for sometime now. Seems like " Andrej Pejic " & you, are one of the few people I've seen who can pull it off. Sexuality & art can be liberating & controversial at the same time. Do you want to keep this aspect of your life private? or are you liberal about the transition from male to female in daily life (appearance, clothing, etc.). Do you want to permenantly stay male or do you want to become female at some point ( optional answer).

At this point I really have no idea where or what my gender will evolve into. It seems that the most confusing parts of my life was when my “end gender” was determined, and I was set down one path or another… originally being a boy, and then later transitioning to a woman.  The concept of being androgynous to me is that I don’t have to choose male or female, and that if I do choose one of those in the long term, that the choice wasn’t a choice… but rather something I evolved into.  

I find it empowering to be as open as possible in regards to gender, sexuality and overall outlook on life.  It’s a nice feeling when you put everything out on the table as soon as you meet someone… people feel like that can trust you more when they know all your “secrets,” and thus relationships have a much deeper meaning.